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My monthly views and outbound link are keep dropping, from 10k to 6k

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Hello, Pinterest Team 

My Pinterest monthly view keeps dropping, I always post 2 pins per day but keep dropping. I spend so much time on this one, creating beautiful graphics and good content, so, keep dropping like is not ok for me? Could you please take a look into it?



Blinx AI 

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I would say it's your niche. And I haven't seen any pin ideas. Try with captivating pin ideas. Make a pin idea about your topic, with a person explaining what it's all about. You need a person factor to make people connect and resonate with your content.

Veronika Lipar
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Hello there! I understand and empathize with your frustration because I am experiencing the same thing. I was steadily growing and hit 36k monthly views when all of a sudden a week later I am down to 21k and posting the same stuff I was posting before. One of the amazing things about Pinterest is that pins and idea pins are evergreen…meaning they can and will always be cycled and available no matter the season so don’t lose hope! You never know when an old pin may gain views and saves. Pinterest is always trying new things so just because this is happening now, it doesn’t mean it will continue to be like that in the future 🙂 


Best of luck and I hope that helps!

Morgan | Fashion & Style | mmillerrr15
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