missing impressions for random days

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I've had 8k impressions since August 1, this morning I checked my impressions & they went down to 3.6k. I had 266 engagements & it went down to 108. Now I'm missing data from the 2nd & the 3rd in my analytics. They were already posted. They were there yesterday. It says "we're still processing this date" even though it was processed & literally there yesterday. Has anyone else experienced this? It's frustrating. 

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Hey @korinfarnsworth , welcome to the PBC!  I'vc seen this happen many times over the past couple of years. It's definitely frustrating to have this happen, but my experience tells me it's a glitch somewhere. It usually works itself out. If this continues for a few more days you can reach out to support to ask them to take a closer look at your account. I hope this helps you.

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