Merchant's domain age does not meet minimum requirement

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I just started my Shopify store this month and tried to connect to a new Pintrest merchant account but I did receive the following: Merchant's domain age does not meet minimum requirement


I fixed the other two parts (return and shipping visibility on the main page) but I do not have a clue how to fix the domain age. Is documentation I can figure this out? 


Thanks for the help.

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It looks like you are out of luck, and don't expect Pinterest support to help you out. Some illegitimate businesses become Verified Merchants within a few days. Pinterest apparently is more concerned with providing Verified Merchant status to overseas, copyright infringing websites. The "Merchant's domain age does not meet minimum requirement" is not a real guideline and not something that the Pinterest Verified Merchant team actually considers. Check out my post here for more info: Copyright Issues and URGENT Verified Merchant Account Issue:

@XdecorShopp became a Verified Merchant in under a month and @TidecorShopp received Verified Merchant status in UNDER 8 DAYS:



This timeline similarly matches how quickly received Verified Merchant status. @galioo achieved Verified Merchant status within a maximum 17 DAYS of their domain existing:


Here is a post from Galioo's Facebook page letting the world know they received Verified Merchant status on Pinterest on July 27, 2021:





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Thank you. This is discouraging. I have a marketing plan to use mainly Pinterest, but I guess I will have rethink that plan. 

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