Discovered a disturbing new trend with stolen pins

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While working in my clients' Pinterest accounts, as well as my own, I am noticing a disturbing trend. 

Spam accounts are now stealing pins and redirecting them to places like Amazon, eBay, or other affiliate programs.  Not only are they stealing our images, but they are also redirecting them to places using their affiliate links to make $.

The pins are always reported, however, for one client, it's over 20 stolen pins using these tactics PER pin.  

Some days it seems like reporting stolen pins is all we ever do. Between dropped stats and up to 100 DCMAs per week, it's really frustrating. 




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That is very very frustrating 😕

I just found and reported a stolen pin too the other day and informed the original account the pin came from 😕

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Same here, only that all of our pins get stolen. Once we report them and clean up, in two days we find them again. It's insane. 

Also, I clicked on two websites where the stolen pins are redirected to. Bad surprise! Those two websites stole not only the pins but also most of my and other moms bloggers content from BusyToddler over HelloWonderful to HappyToddlerPlaytime and so many more! shorter version of our posts with all our pins, which is insane. 

Sharing if someone finds their content too, to report those profiles

The websites are

The spammer that redirects to them


And about shops

This account has 10m+ visitors with 3 pins

And this spammer account drives the traffic to them 1.1m visitors

If someone finds their content, please report too!



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I reported something similar to Pinterest last year. When I clicked on the links for one of my pins, I was redirected to another Pinner's feed. The Pinner had a handful of dog pictures. Within hours the other Pinner's visitors grew from a few viewers to thousands. I was actually hesitant to report because I figured if they could do that, they could easily mess with my feed. (I was thinking maybe it was an inside job.) I'm guessing the spammer builds accounts like this and then sells them. There's no way an account with 3 pins should have 10m+ visitors. The link you gave is still active. It's a shame that account hasn't been taken down. Occasionally, I click my own links on old pins, just to make sure they are going to the correct website. I've also seen spammers/hackers mess with follow buttons, where they redirect to a completely different Pinner than the one that posted the pin.  

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