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Hello guys . This is my first month on the Pinterest creator rewards so I don’t really know how it works yet . But I met all of the goals this month and it showed the potential earnings . And now it’s in the completed section and says in review . What does that mean ? And how long does Pinterest take to pay you ?  For the publish weekly one I submitted to it but it’s been in “review “ for about 3 weeks now . Any idea what’s wrong with it ? 

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Hi @misssaritaa! Welcome to the PBC! You should check out the 10 Tips for Creating Idea Pins for the Creator Rewards Program by @terezatoledo 


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Hey @misssaritaa ! Welcome, it's my 3rd month in the creator rewards program. To answer your question, here's what I learned...

After goals are completed, payments are being verified. Reviews can take up to 2 weeks after the goal ends. I've been paid roughly 30 days after goal completions.

Good luck!

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