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I have claimed my Etsy shop on Pinterest. I was wondering what next steps should I follow so that my product on Etsy can show up as Product rich pins on Pinterest?

Can you please advice

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Hello @OmbreCreative Every Pin from your store automatically becomes a Rich Pin. But I noticed the price isn't showing up. Not sure if there's a glitch @PinterestJazmin  Here's how to get started with Product Rich Pins

This might help as well


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Hi @OmbreCreative and welcome to the PBC!

I appreciate your assistance @pinterestmarketingexpert!

Rich Pins are a type of Pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your Pins.

Like @pinterestmarketingexpert mentioned, every Pin from your Etsy store already has the proper metatags to show all the designated rich information.

If you are experiencing issues with Rich Pins, try plugging in your marked up web page URL into our rich Pin Validator to identify the problem or fetch new data for your Pin. Also, make sure your domain/host isn't blocking the Pinterest Crawler, as doing so will prevent you from creating rich Pins. 

You can identify Rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image on closeup and the bold title in your feed. If something changes on the original website, the rich Pin updates to reflect that change.

If, after fetching new scrape information, you're still facing an issue with your Rich Pins not populating correctly, please file a ticket with our Help Center.

The team who's going to reply to your ticket are specialized to fully answer your query and investigate your issue. You should receive a reply from them soon.

I wish there was more I could do here. Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime, and keep us posted on the information provided by support.

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Hi there,

I think I may be experiencing something similar. I have a Pinterest business account. I am trying to post Product Rich Pins of the listings that I have posted in my Etsy store (

I think I have validated all of the listing URLs with the Rich Pin Validator each time. They say "congratulations," so it seems the validation was successful.

However, when I create the pins on Pinterest, I usually do the same thing. I upload an image, I copy/paste the title and some of the description, and insert the listing's URL.

Sometimes those pins turn into Rich Product Pins (it automatically imports the Etsy listing's multiple images, pricing, description, title, and Visit button) and other times the information does not populate and it is just a regular pin with one image, a limited description, no pricing, and no Visit button. I think I am doing the same thing each time.

I also have made sure that the listings are optimized for SEO with rich keywords, alt text, images saved as keywords, all 13 tags used, all attributes and categories used, etc. I'm not sure of any other way I can improve things on the Etsy side.

Additionally, I have tried using the Save button on the Etsy listing itself as a way to post to Pinterest. Apparently the information takes longer to import (only some information imports), but still, it is using the Etsy image landscape orientation format, not Pinterest's vertical image orientation, and doesn't import multiple images. 

I have looked everywhere for answers and even contacted Pinterest Help, but I have yet to receive any answers. Might you have any suggestions? They would greatly be appreciated!

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