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Up until a week ago I was able to use analytics/trends to find relevant and related keywords. Now nothing I type in the search box is registering. It is also coming up with the message 

Sorry, this section isn't working. Please try again later. 

This has been going on for days now! I normally use this feature regularly to enable me to find the right keywords and trends.

I cleared my cache, I updated Google Chrome, I even temporarily switched off my Chrome extensions! 

Has this feature/function developed an error? Is this function being phased out?

How do I get this function back?

I've contacted Help twice now and not got a response yet. Pinterest has become the most frustrating platform to use. It seems the powers that be keep moving the bar as to what you need to do in order to grow your audience. It is supposed to be a search engine but all of a sudden is becoming a social media platform with enormous demands being made of its users. I'm sick and tired of chasing the algorithms! First it was very much a visual platform and everyone shared everyone's pins. Then all of a sudden we had to create lots of fresh pins. Then next we had to create story pins. We have to engage with all and sundry. How much time do the organisers think we have to spend all day trying to work out how this platform works to our advantage? Or is it they now want us to do lots of animated pins as well as paid ads?

This platform is becoming impossible. It seems to me that many of those who head up this platform are coming up with different ideas and we the creators have to regularly change the ways we work! This is sad because at one time it use to be an enjoyable platform to showcase pins!


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hello @miaharperdesign 

Are you still having problems or is everything working for you now?


Anna Bennett
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