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I really enjoy to be a part of this absolutely amazing community.

I have had really worked very very hard on Pinterest but it is very very unfortunate for me that I can not be a merchant on this marvelous site. As, I am in Pakistan, sometimes I feel very annoyed and disappointed when I look for my outstanding (in my opinion) performance here.

Sometime back I have heard that Pinterest is working on the issue of the availability of Pinterest in Pakistan. Please give me a larger picture of the happenings in this regard.

Knowing that this is not the right forum for this type of query over here, but I am unable on stopping myself from jotting down these sentences.






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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @muhammadaquilurr ,

Pinterest is always expanding and have expanded to so many countries already. Who knows, maybe Pakistan will be on the list of new countries to be added.

Tereza Toledo
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