Will I get banned?

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So i just created my account and i am trying my best to not get banned. I need limit and advice on my plan. I have a huge collection of video pins for houses and i plan to use them on 10 different accounts - kitchen, living room, bedroom.... and so on.

All linking to my one website.

Will that be an issue?

Also, i was advised to add 10 to 20 repins from Pinterest on new boards to help my board rank faster before adding my own pins. But creating 10 boards a day and adding 20 repins making 200 in a few hours seems risky. Is that acceptable?

Then i will be adding 50 fresh pins daily on each account.


10 accounts linking to one website

10 boards daily with 20 repins each

50 fresh post daily on each account.

Will any of my accounts or website get banned for doing this?

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