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Why is the Following Feed slow - jerky - unusable all the time?

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Submitted this to "support & questions" and got no answer!

btw - really disappointed that pinterest did away with the creators support email!


Why is the Following feed so slow and jerky (on desktop) and can be super slow loading - especially as you scroll down more and more?  Has pretty much been this way from day one!   Whenever we go to use it, we have to give up because it performs so terribly and is pretty much unusable!

This is "Desktop" that I am talking about. And it is not just our computers - we have tried and many different computers and is always the same.

Then on iOS, the following feed is another story. Really wish they would go back to showing the individual pins instead of these group of pins saying (see board) etc...  

It would just be nice to have a real normal following feed that worked  and showed all the pins from the people that we actually follow! And that we could scroll thru fast and not have to sit and wait for it to load!


Thank you!

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Community Manager

@kwpub sorry for the delay! I responded to your other post. 🙂  

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Sorry just noticed that someone replied. We forgot about this post. 

Fast forward to today and the issue is still happening! It is not just our computers! This happens on many different computers.

And now we are starting to notice that the whole Pinterest site is slowly getting slower and more jerky overall! It is to the point where we don't even want to use Pinterest anymore. Especially on desktop!

Pinterest needs to address this!

We have been using Pinterest for many years (since 2012) so we are not newbies. We've seen a lot of changes and a lot of issues along the way. This one is a big one and it needs to be addressed!



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Our team is noticing this same issue- and it is really frustrating and making weekly scheduling for multiple accounts super difficult. We submitted 2 tickets and have talked to 4 different people. This issue is on desktop but different people in different locations- and we all have been experiencing it more than usual here lately. The only response we keep getting is this (which we have done all suggestions, with no resolve):


I’m sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing.

I tried to reproduce this issue on your account, but everything appears to be working as expected. If we cannot reproduce the issue you’re describing, we’re unable to pass enough information along to our engineers so that they can fix the problem.

Even if we’re not able to reproduce the issue on our end, there still might be a way to fix it on yours. The issue is most likely being caused by either your device, internet speed or browser. Please be sure to try all of the below steps again:
- Clear your browser's cache and cookies
- Make sure your browser is up-to-date
- Try from a different browser like Firefox or Chrome and let me know if you have the same problem
- Disable any browser extensions one by one
- Open Pinterest in private/incognito mode. This feature is available on desktop and mobile devices on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web.

I'm sorry I am unable to offer you further assistance. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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Pinterest needs to do something  about this. All our blogger friends are all talking about how bad it is getting. Pinterest on desktop computer is getting to be totally unusable!

How do we get through to Pinterest?!!!!!


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