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Traffic drop

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My traffic drop three month ago. 

I already open ticket about this, and receive this answer the 25 march :

"I'm sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. My team is aware of this issue and we're working to resolve it.
Glitches like these can take some time to fix but please know that we're doing our best to address the problem."

We are the 23 may now, do I need to give up pinterest with this account ?

Thank you.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


I'm sorry you're experiencing a traffic drop. Beyond the responses from support I have a few things to consider that may be helpful.

Pinterest had a glitch in analytics right around the time you saw your traffic drop on March 13th. This affected profiles on the account level who were not pinning fresh pins daily.

Here are some observations on how this glitch affected accounts -

  • New pins showed all zeros across the board on impressions, saves and clicks.
  • Activity on older pins may also been affected by not calculating correctly either. 
  • Caused a steep drop in impressions and clicks.
  • Many affected accounts saw huge drops in traffic.

Here are some suggestions to see if your account was affected by the glitch or to see if your account is in the spam filter - 

  • Check your Google analytics for the same days and compare them to your numbers inside your Pinterest analytics. This could reveal a huge discrepancy and show that your traffic numbers actually look normal when you view your numbers inside Google Analytics.  
  • Try to get into the habit of checking both Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics because glitches like this happen with enough frequency to establish a redundancy in your workflow. 
  • Maybe look into this Shadow Ban checker tool -
  • Make sure to select only your claimed account when you're checking your stats inside Pinterest Analytics and not all pins to get the most accurate numbers.

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If your account was affected I would start pinning fresh pins daily and see if that improves your numbers. Pinterest is taking a little longer for fresh pins to rank—around 3 months. If you are still not seeing an improvement I would consider starting over with a new account depending on the age of your current one claiming the same website you wish to drive traffic to. 

I hope this helps! 

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Thank for you reply. Here is how my analytics looks like :


It is like my pin can't be discover (except my follower), I have literally no traffic coming for my domain. The only pin who get impression is pin from other domain name.

Three month is lot of time, how can I be sure the traffic will come back ? If pinterest don't like my website, why just not ban the domain ?

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