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so currently I have a idea pin that is still doing numbers, and I've realized that the tagged topics used for that idea pin, I can no longer use for other future idea pins.

For example,

if I created a idea pin based on curly hair routines, and want to use tagged topics regarding curly hair, it will not pop up as an option anymore. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions for this issue? I want to post more hair content but feel like that is what keeping my pins from doing great! 

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Hi @idalenax,

Unfortunately, I don't have a proper solution, just a trick that sometimes works. If you keep writing similar tags like "hairstyle" and "haircare," then "curly hair" will eventually pop up. And then, you can eliminate the previous tags and use the new ones coming up. 

I contacted support, and they told me that "that is how it's supposed to work," but it's so time-consuming and doesn't make sense! It would be great to have something like "favorites" or "recently used" as we have with the stickers. 

Maybe  @PinterestJazmin and @PinterestJoan have more info about this. 

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @idalenax ,

I'm not sure it's a glitch, but this is what I've noticed. For some of the tags, they don't pop up when I type in the complete word, but pop us when I type in the first 3 or 4 letters. 
The tags are there, just not popping up as we would expect.

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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