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Setting up Rich Pins - Info from Pinterest Help Desk

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Hey all, 

I messaged the Help Desk with a question I had about Rich Pins and the reply I got back was full of valuable info so I wanted to share it here! ☺️ 

Here it is...


"We’ve made some changes on our end and you no longer need to apply to enable rich Pins for your account. Instead, to enable rich Pins for your account, simply add the appropriate rich Pin metadata information on your web page. After, all old and new Pins linked to that web page should populate as rich Pins on Pinterest. 

To view the rich Pin markups, please refer to the Developer articles below:

Generally, the most common formats are Open Graph and
If you are experiencing issues with rich Pins, try plugging in your marked up web page URL into our rich Pin Validator to identify the problem or fetch new data for your Pin. Also, make sure your domain/host is not blocking the Pinterest Crawler, as doing so will prevent you from creating rich Pins. 

Please keep in mind, if you make any changes on your website, it will take 14 days for article and recipe rich Pins, and 24 hours for product rich Pins to pull and update any new information. In the case you want the information to be updated sooner, please validate the web page using rich Pin validator and click on 'Fetch new scrape information' to refresh and pull new information for the Pin.
You can find more instructions on how to enable rich Pins on our Help Center article."


I hope this is helpful to anyone trying to get their Rich Pins set up!  Enjoy!


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@thehalcyonhiveThank you, this is very helpful!

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Great idea to share it here, @thehalcyonhive ! 


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Loves to help

How nice of you to share! Lots of people have been asking. 🙂

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