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Pinning to group boards

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I find that I have truly been able to broaden my audience thanks to other group boards.

While I have to be spammy, I have no choice but to pin my image to several group boards at one time.  Otherwise I will forget or end up duplicating pins on boards which I do not want to do.

I am not good with spreadsheet following or schedules when it comes to my own work.

Do you have any suggestions so I can populate my pins on all the relevant group boards that doesn't require a spreadsheet?


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@coolchillmom I use Tailwind to schedule my pins for a week ahead of time, that way I can spread them out to group boards all at one time. Here's my referral link to Tailwind if your not already on it, there's a free trial


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Tailwind! Hands down 🙂

It will make your life SO much can create board lists to schedule pins to multiple boards but spaced out and Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner and will tell you when you are pinning too much which could get you marked as spam 🙂

Also they have a smart schedule to show you the best times for pinning your pins 🙂 

It saves me so much time!

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Community Manager

@tailwind fyi! 😊

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