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Monthly Views Way Down

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Just wondering has anyone seen a way lower monthly viewership for the past month. It went from a consistent 2 million to now around 600K. I don’t know what happened and would love to see if I am not in the same boat. 


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Yep. If you search through the conversations farther back to mid-August you will see a few of us noticed a drop starting around August 9th. On that date, our stats literally fell off a cliff in a span of 24 hours and Pinterest denies anything happened on that date to cause an issue. Which is ridiculous because any website developer would look at those stats and say something substantial happened on that date to cause the issue.

That being said, I went from 13 million views a month and growing each day to currently 1.86 million and dropping every single day. I'm just waiting for the day to say zero views and have them still deny it even though I have been pinning since Beta says.

When I search my own pins I am being flooded by pins people have stolen from me, and pins that do not direct to the corresponding webpage that come up as first results. Why would those results trump mine? It makes zero sense, and causes terrible user experience.

I am sorry that you are going through this, but they won't help. They'll just tell you it is seasonal ebbs and flows, and give you a copy and pasted list of things you should be doing when in fact you probably already do them all. 

You are not alone, and it looks like you may have been caught in some deindexing glitch or something as well, that won't be admitted to or rectified. Your best bet is to work on website SEO for Google and hope to make up the lost traffic there.



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This explains a lot! Thank you so much.

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@TravelsofSarahFay - hello! Many people see these big ups and downs, so you're not alone. That being said, everyone's accounts and experiences with these numbers are different, too. 

How do you monetize? I ask because I always recommend that clients and students set some goals based on numbers that are more within our control - because that monthly viewers number can be a roller coaster. And it (the monthly views metric) absolutely IS impacted by outside factors like seasonality, how many people are using the platform these days (which has varied a lot!), normalizing of a viral pin, etc. 

So based on how you monetize, I would set some other goals. Let us know what role Pinterest plays in your business, and I can suggest some goals you could consider! 


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