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It says I was paid but I never got the money.

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This would be have been my third payment from pinterest from the creators program. I truly enjoy posting on pinterest and growing a community. Getting paid for it makes it even more worth it. However, I was never paid what I earned in the month of june. For the month of April and May the money was in my bank account the day the status changed from "pending payment" to "paid". Now I am being told to wait it out and see if the money will show up on my bank account even though the status already says paid. I just wish this was a more reliable process. I know this program is still in Beta but I feel unceratin about alot of things. 

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Same thing happend to me.

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I haven’t received a single payout yet! It’s all very unclear. 

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ohno, that is disappointing to see. I am new and excited to be here, but do want to make sure it works as it is all very time consuming to create and learn how to post effectively. Good luck!! Keep us posted!!

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