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Idea Pins Placement

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Hi! Has anyone noticed or know why the idea pins are no longer at the top of our profiles? I loved being able to see them all in one place, side by side. Thanks!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@weareteachersWelcome to the PBC! I've noticed that as well. Hopefully it will be brought back soon in a app update. Be sure to keep your app updated!

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I actually really love this. I'm calling it "the integrated Created tab." I like that it is giving more exposure to some of our STANDARD PINS with links to our websites. 🙂 I hope it stays! 

@weareteachers @michaelbliss 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Noticed this too and I'm with @JanaOMedia , love it for the same reason for the biz accounts that I run, so I hope it stays this way. 

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I also noticed and love it! I like adding a variety to my page. 

Kathleen Aharonian - Embodiment Coach
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