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How to grow

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Hello I'm new here. How can I grow on Pinterest? What to do?

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@dogicmateja Welcome to the PBC 😀

I'd like to ask a couple of follow-up questions before giving you advice to see how far you've gotten in your Pinterest marketing journey so far.

What is your current content creation strategy?

Do you have a website?

Are you brand new to Pinterest or have you had a business account for a while?

Let us know so we can better assist you on where to start.

Heather, Pinterest Strategist
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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

I think being consistent & present is important. Creating idea pins that you can relate to and expand on as far as theme, how to, your own honest reviews or feedback if you have a product. Also responding to comments sincerely and honestly, & the best part learning from their comments for your future pins 🙌 good luck😊

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Love the questions and feedback above! 

I would also suggest checking out the Pioneer blog. We're creating some great content over there - and a lot of it is focused on account and audience growth! 

Here's the blog page: 

You'll find some gems there!

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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I agree with @heatherfarrisco answering his questions will make it easier to help you

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