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Help with Notifications

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I am trying to fathom Notifications and wonder if anyone could shed some light.  

Every day I get notified that Mr X and Mrs Y and 156 other people have saved one of my pins.  Next Day it is Mr Z and Mrs A and 156 other people.  Different names every day (sometimes more than once a day) but the number never changes. Is it because they are saving someone elses' repin of my pin so the number never changes?

I also regularly get, Mr X has saved your Pin but there are zero saves on it.  Now this cant be someone elses' repin of my pin as according to the stats no one has saved tis pin.    

Can anyone explain either/ both of these to me please? Or point me to where I could understand this?

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When it comes to NOTIFICATIONS, Pinterest tracks all the pins you saved and not just your own pins. So when they mention so and so saved your pin that could mean your own or another pin you saved. 

Anna Bennett
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