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Glitch in Creator Rewards after updated app

Loves to help

Hello friends!


I really hope someone can help me. Last month, I completed 3 of the rewards challenges, 2 of which are still pending for approval but one of which had all the pins approved ( it was the 1 pin a week challenge for March). All three were in the done section.

When I updated the app, I went to check to see if they had been approved and low and behold, the 1 that had had all the pins approved DISAPPEARED from the Done section and is nowhere to be found. 

Has anyone else had this happen to them? I contacted support and am waiting to hear back.

Elizabeth A Kelsey
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Mine has yet to reappear and payment on the others is now processing. Did yours ever come back?

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Yeah this is happening to me rn I hope it gets fixed soon it’s happened before and resolved after a few days but it always gets my anxiety acting up 

Maria kiczek
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