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Do you check where your pins go before pinning?

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We are pretty new to Pinterest Business and wanted to know if you always look to see where a pin link takes you before you add it to a board? We didn't do that in the past, but are now wondering if we have too many pins that the links are irrelevant to the post. And if those kinds of pins bring your site SEO or traffic down.


For instance: A pin on one of my boards lands on an obvious spam site, but I love the picture. If I pin it, will it downgrade my boards in any way?


It may be a non issue...but we have a lot to learn!


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@foodiehomechef Yes I know that feeling nothing like a very strong tap on the shoulder to wake you up I had a bad experience with one pin and seriously learned my lesson - of course it wasn't intentional but nonetheless I heard about it from a person who clicked the link not Pinterest this was when Pinterest was 'New' like 09. Of course the time it takes to check each pin is harsh but I do and I do create my own content so I understand what it means to have a solid link.


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Amen to that Lisa!
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I check it in 80 %. But it's hard sometimes. Especially when I see some beautiful picture of a beach or a cake. Unfortunately most of the time the most beautiful pictures lead to the spam. However, I do have a solution that works most of the times. I look closer at the spamming pin and click the Visual Search. This way I can find the original pin and pin it to my board.

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