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Creator Rewards: new rules for the music?

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Today I discovered new songs on my Pinterest App. Justin Bieber, Cardi B., and more popular artists

  • I checked the "Eligibility Details" for the Idea pins, and the sentence about having permission to distribute the music is gone. 

Would it be ok if we use that music on our Idea Pins for the Rewards?

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thank you

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @freshpinscreators! How are you? 🙂 ... I can tell you how I'm doing things, but of course this isn't an "official answer." 

For Creator Rewards pins, I'm using any music that is available in the Pinterest pin builder. I don't personally think that any music that Pinterest provides us is off limits or would cause my pin to be "not accepted" for CR! 

One thing that's interesting is that for Brand Partnerships, brands can't promote UGC (user generated content) idea pins if they have music. So I think there may be some confusion out there and rumors may have spilled over to the Creator Rewards program. 

But, as you know, the two programs are separate, so I see no reason not to use any music that Pinterest gives us - for pins that you intend to submit to CR! 

I hope that helps! 

Jana O. | Pinterest Marketing Educator
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Thank you, @JanaOMedia . Yes, I agree with you but I want the official confirmation before submitting pins for my clients. I don't want to risk it. 

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