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Creator Academy Challenges

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Hi everyone!

If you attended the Creator Community Kick-off yesterday then you probably received the email about the Creator Academy Challenges with the Google Form. I watched the videos but the challenges parts are SO confusing and when they do mention the challenge it is there for a second!

Does anyone have an actual list of the precise challenges needed? I wish it was written out in the Pin or stated more clearly.

Thank you!


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Thank you for breaking this down!! Now it makes more sense. 



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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has moved forward after submitting the Creator Academy Challenges? I submitted mine earlier this week but nothing yet. Just a little excited over here 😁!


The Recipe Necessity
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Does anyone still have the Google Docs link? I submitted mine last week but see you can resubmit if you did incorrectly but I don’t have the email anymore. 😅

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Can anyone send me the Google form please?

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