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Can no longer save a pin to multiple boards?

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Hello, just tried to save a pin to my cookies, cakes, candy, and icing boards. 

Every time I pin it, it saves it only to that board and when I go back to previous pins, they are changed to the newest board I saved it to.

Back in the day we could save a pin several times to other boards and would just be met with an "oops you already saved that pin" warning that you could override.

Another change? Anyone know what happened to the ability to do this?

See screen shot.

Have a lovely day! ♥ Erica Robbin
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@lovelyladybugs   Hi there Erica & welcome to the community! Yeah, I know what you mean... I found that issue (I think) about 2 years ago & it continues to this day.

My workaround this is to do one of 2 things:

1. If you're on Tailwind, save the pin as a draft to Tailwind & then go over there & put in all the boards you want to save it to & then "Add to Queue". You can either leave it there in the scheduled pins or find them in your scheduled pins & pin them off right away. Cumbersome, I know!

2. Save your pin as you normally would to a Pinterest board. Then go to that Pinterest board, find the pin & now you should be able to save it to more than one board... one at a time.

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Tailwind says that if you make one pin, you can put in multiple boards safely with a week's gap. These multiple boards in one article are 5 and in other it is 10. What is the best practice?

Please advise.

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