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Best Places for Keywords

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I've recently started a blog and joined Pinterest to help promote it. As I have no real followers yet, I'm trying to learn how to maximize getting my pins viewed by creating great pins and descriptions. I have done my keyword research and I am now trying to figure out where it's best to add each term. My question is this, do certain places hold more weight/value? For instance, are text overlays on pins or titles more important than the description? Or does everything have an equal contribution towards Pinterest understanding and promoting the pin? 

I hope that question makes sense! Thanks in advance!



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Hello @PitterPatterStudio 

Here's a couple of resources on the best way to use your most important keywords

Please 'accept as solution' if this answers your question. Thank you. 

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Thanks, Anna. I've reviewed all the content you've provided. While I didn't find an exact answer, I'm going to assume that I should just keep adding keywords naturally everywhere I can and that they should have an equal weight towards getting found. Finger's crossed I can grow quickly. 🙂


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@PitterPatterStudio  - This is a really helpful article, too. It's technically about "how to build your audience on Pinterest," but if you look closely it gives you some good clues as to where to place the keywords, too! 

The article mentions text overlay, and the importance of board titles and descriptions. 

I would also suggest adding keywords (in conversational ways, without keyword stuffing, just like you said above - naturally!) to your pin descriptions or Notes (on standard and idea pins, respectively.) And also on the pin titles. 

That's not an exhaustive list of the places, but these are where I'd focus! 

Happy pinning! 




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Thanks for the great advice @JanaOMedia! I need all the help I can get on building my audience too, so this helps all around! 

The text overlay was a huge lightbulb for me. I was using Canva to create all my pins, but I have a feeling it's much better to add text overlay directly from the Pinterest App. 

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Hi, I could not open this link, could I know the reason?

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