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Are story pins still available?

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Hello fellow Pinterest creators! my names Ellie and i’ve been using Pinterest for quite some time now. I rely heavily on the use of idea pins and story pins. 

Recently I have noticed a dramatic decrease of views and likes and overall engagements with my idea pins and I think I know why. Usually I am able to see when the creators I follow post a new idea pin since it shows up on my browse section at the top. The past 3 or so days, I have not had access to it. This makes it so that I cannot watch some of my favorite creators content unless I click into their profile from my followers list.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason my views have been down tremendously is because other people have been experiencing the same thing that I have been experiencing with story pins not being available to them. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this or if anyone knows if this is either just a glitch with Pinterest or if it is intentionally and it’s being taken away. 


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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @ellieluvsyou2 ! 

First, story pins are no more. 

Secondly, views for content ebb and flow constantly, which can account for dips in views and other stats.

Lastly, you raise quite a great point about seeing your favorite creators! You can try to check for an update for your app because you are right. You should be able to see the latest from who you're following (and interacting with) at the top of your feed, but it will not look like how story pins looked in the past.

@michaelbliss , do you have anything to add? 

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Thanks for the tag @hellohomegirl !

You're correct, story pins changed it's name to Idea Pins a few years ago. As for the decrease in views, it's pretty much across the board, @ellieluvsyou2 is not alone.

I've seen this happen many times over the last seven or eight years and it always rebounds. Not as quickly as we would like, but it comes back. It can be discouraging, which is understandable.

From my experience, I would say the best we, as creators, can do is continue building a library of content. The algorithm is the algorithm, it is what it is. I've found myself trying to get ahead of the algorithm a few times, and all it did was cause stress. With that in mind, let me encourage you to keep creating. Try not to focus too much on the numbers for a while.

Give a look at this article I wrote, 4 Things To Remember As A Content Creator, I'm sure it will give you some encouragement.

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