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Why did I come to Pinterest?

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My name is Rimma Karlin, and I have dedicated many years to the culinary arts. 

Starting as a chef in the restaurant industry, I have undergone all the professional processes that have allowed me to understand the essence of this craft.

Today, my business encompasses catering and my own eatery, where we provide our clients with exquisite dishes and organize events at the highest level. My team and I are always striving for innovation, experimentation, and increasing production efficiency.

In addition, my big dream is to educate young chefs and share my experience.

Currently, I feel a fear of the teacher's role, but I am ready to overcome it.

I wish to join the Pinterest community for the exchange of experience, finding new culinary insights, and business automation. 

My goal is to grow and find like-minded individuals who share my passion for culinary arts and the desire to teach and learn together 🌺

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Just visiting

Good 👍 Sharing your story, I read and appreciate it from the heart, I hope that your good intentions will bring you only good things into your life every day.

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