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Please share your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts with us

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Pinterest Alum
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With any new product or platform launch, it’s important to take a beat and listen to YOU the user. This topic is where we encourage you to share your thoughts with us on this platform.

What could it use more of? What do you think it does well? Where do we need improvement? Is there an annoying bug interrupting your experience? Please feel free to be candid and let us know how we can ensure this space makes sense for you.

While we’re excited to launch this space and share it with you, we know this is just the beginning. As we embark on this new journey and what we hope is a long and successful relationship with the Business Community, it’s important you know how much we value your feedback. We may even reach out to you directly to hear your thoughts on your experience. We are invested and interested in ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed with Pinterest advertising.

With respect, your community managers @PinterestGabby and @PinterestJanice 

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This is too new to have any meaningful feedback yet. I hope this community will give us great ideas to improve our marketing and customer acquisition metrics.   We are always looking for ways to engage Pinterest users in a better way.  Thanks and I hope this is a great success. 

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Looks great so far. I hope we can share specific ideas regarding ad spend dollars. I need the most help in maximizing our marketing budget.

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Looking forward to learning and developing the best practices to serve my community and my business. I"ve been on Pinterest from the beginning and hope it will continue to inspire

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Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this group. We do have questions from time to time about the best way to put forward the products that we are so proud of. We enjoy the feedback we get from Pinterest users and are so looking forward to building our brand as well as our Pinterest community! 

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Really excited to be a part of this new community and looking forward to learning more and sharing what I've learned along the way using Pinterest. It is by far my favorite platform!

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Really Excited to learn more about this and get better at using Pinterest. 

My feedback out of the gate would probably be the functionality of the side could be a little smoother and user friendlier.

But besides that I am loving use it and enjoying the feedback.

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We are happy to give feedback once we have experienced the site a bit more. It looks like it holds some good promise!

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Communities are always a great way to learn and share your knowledge with customers and sellers like ourselves. It's also kind of support team where you can get help without getting into contact with Pinterest directly. I would love to see trending topics option somewhere in the system. I will also share my opinions soon since I am a new member and just started using it. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Couldn't agree with this more, @AmericanoCrystals. Good feedback on having a trending topics option -- @PinterestJanice something for us to think about... 😉

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