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Introducing our newest moderators to the PBC!

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Community Manager
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Hiya, everyone!

I’m very excited to announce not one, but two new moderators who will be joining the PBC and helping @PinterestJanice and I in the community. Please welcome our new Pinterest moderators, @PinterestRenato and @PinterestSusana!


PinterestGabby_0-1616008675416.jpeg PinterestGabby_1-1616008675420.jpeg


Janice and I know how important it is for you all to feel supported and heard in this space and with the addition of Renato and Susana, they’ll be able to help answer your support-related questions or help troubleshoot in a more timely manner. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Renato and Susana, check out their profiles here on the PBC. You can send them a friend request, too! 


Please join me in welcoming @PinterestSusana and @PinterestRenato to the PBC!

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