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I'm new here!

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I want to work with you on this platform!


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Love your energy!

Welcome to the PBC 👋

I'm sharing some links + info that might be helpful while you find your way around the PBC. If you have questions please ask here in the PBC there is always someone willing to help and share.

Below are links to other areas on the PBC that you may find useful ⬇️

Pinterest Pioneers Blog is an awesome read 👉 Blog there are some great articles that give you great tips + great Pinterest best practices.

Getting Started On The PBC

Creator Tips & Tricks

Shopping Features For Merchants On Pinterest


As a note, if you have questions that are more technical or require extra support, I would encourage you to reach out to one of the community moderators for further assistance ⬇️

@PinterestFernanda @PinterestSusana @PinterestIvania 

If you have other questions please feel free to share them here and connect with other PBC members.


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