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I'm Eligible for Creator Rewards but the Earn Tab is Not Appearing (& Hasn't Been for Sixty Days)

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Good Afternoon, 

I hope this message finds you well & wanted to reach out to troubleshoot a problem I have been experiencing for the past month or two. My name is Emma, I am twenty, use she / her pronouns and I have been eligible for the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program for the past sixty days with 350+ followers and 400k monthly views. I meet all other requirements but have not been able to find the "Earn" tab anywhere. I am feeling frustrated because I continue to post and create, but would love to be financially supported in order to put myself through college. I have already updated the app on my phone multiple times as well. Please let me know if there is any way to fix this other than starting a new business account from scratch!

Thank you! - Emma (@emmaenchanted19)

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @emmaenchanted19 , welcome to the PBC!

The Creator Rewards Program is still in beta and not available for all accounts, even if they fulfill all the requerimentos. Please review tbe requirements here 

Starting a new account will not change anything. 
Keep creating original content and building your audience. 
I hope this helps. 

Tereza Toledo - Pinterest Expert
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