Hi, I want to create logo designs!

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I’m wanting to begin in graphic design. I’d like to make logos, business cards, etc. I’m ready to learn the process. 

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I searched about this topic a while ago. I saw people that shared their designs for inspiration, trying to help beginners to find their unique style etc. But app called "Canva" attracted my attention most. My overall impression about this app is: Canva is beginner friendly, have easy controls and even if you are not a premium member; Canva gives you multiple templates,stickers,font types and options. After my research I tried Canva without being premium member and i designed cute and modern logos, instagram posts and name tags for an event. I can reach so many useful elements without any difficulty. As far as i know it has only a web version on computer and laptops. But i did all of my designs on mobile and it was pretty easy. You can download on IOS and Android. Hope this helps, have a nice day.

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