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A letter to our Creator Community

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Hi Creators,

Thanks for partnering with us as we evolve and build ways for creators like you to grow your audience and share your content.  

It’s important we, as Pinterest, ground ourselves in the fact that we wouldn’t be what we are today without you. And we are excited to be building a platform for you – and where Pinners can find inspiring content.

You may see changes to your content’s performance due to seasonal patterns, your pinning frequency and other factors. As a part of your holistic strategy as a creator, we recommend you focus on following best practices, more specifically:

  • Creating fresh new content regularly. You may still receive traffic from older pins, but creating content regularly will help you maintain your audience. 
  • Following best practices, including making sure that the landing experience for a user is a positive one, and that they can find actionable content. 
  • We also encourage you to try out our new content formats, like video and Idea Pins, to build your Pinterest audience. We hear from Pinners more and more that these formats are their preferred way of consuming content directly on Pinterest.
  • Mapping your activity to traffic or impressions fluctuations. Sometimes, if you have been less active recently, you may see a shift in the patterns. Leverage our tools such as audience insights or analytics to see how your content is performing and how your current and potential followers are engaging.  
  • Be sure to check out resources like Pinterest Academy or our Business site to ensure you’re following Pin best practices. 


Thank you for your feedback, your patience, and the time spent being a part of this community. We are grateful and excited for what’s to come. 

With gratitude, 

The Pinterest Creators team 💜

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Maybe you can help me.  I came to the forum looking for some help and guidance as to a big issue I am experiencing with my account. 

 I have had very consistent pin perfomance throughout 2020 until recently when my pins (fresh pins created regularly along with pinning trending content) went from thousands of impressions to 0. 

 I reached out and to Pinterest business support and 2 responses later there is still no addressing of the issue.  I believe my account may have been mistakenly flagged or marked as spam.  

 I have put in a significant amount of time and money into Pinterest and just would like some assistance looking into this issue.  Is there someone you can connect me with that will look at my account? 



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Community Manager

Hi @eclectic_twist, you can file a ticket with our support team here. In addition, take a look at the tips we outlined above which has recommended resources/best practices that you can apply to your account. Hope that helps. 

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Thank you for the response.  I have already filed a support ticket and have had several email correspondences with a Pinterest team member.  Unfortunately all have the exact same response of ebbs and flows, quality content etc.  While I understand ebbs and flows the question I keep asking is how do you go from thousands of impressions on pins to 0?  My experience on Pinterest over the years indicates it's a bigger issue than an ebb yet I can't seem to get an answer.

 I really want to believe that Pinterest does care about it's content creators, however my experience over the last couple of weeks trying to sort this out tells me otherwise.  I've also discovered I am not the first and am certainly not the only person dealing with this exact same issue.  There are hundreds of us, if not more, that are having this problem and we are getting the exact same responses, down to the letter. 

Which further adds to my understanding that there is some sort of glitch in the system that is mismarking some of us spam or is otherwise causing us to be hidden.  However we can't seem to get any Pinterest team member to actually listen or address it.

I'm just trying to get my account back, which I've spent years working on, and bring attention to this matter.  It's a huge issue for so many that rely on Pinterest for their businesses and they are powerless and ignored.  Several have quit Pinterest over being unable to get anyone to actually address it.  I hate to see this happen but after several emails sincerely trying to address this issue I am starting to understand why.  

It's becoming very clear that Pinterest does not seem to value content creators as your letter to the community above states.  If it did I/we would actually be taken seriously over our concerns and problems with our accounts.  It's demotivating and beyond frustrating.  

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Love it, thank you for that letter...


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Great tips! I will use these to continue to grow on Pinterest.

Life is a one time offer; design and live it well.
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I've consistently worked on Pinterest for over a year and got my blog up to a point where I get 800-1000 visits from Pinterest every day. But the dreaded day came in mid September 2020 when my impressions dropped and my traffic went down to just 30-50 visits from Pinterest. 

Tried contacting support but was told it was just ebbs and flows and to continue publishing fresh pins. I replied and fought hard to be recognized that there's something wrong with my account. I saw a lot of my pins stolen and those stolen pins were ranking for the keywords my pins used to rank before. I did report whatever I could find, find a DMCA complaint for 100+ stolen pins. 

Pinterest finally acknowledged that my site got accidentally caught in the spam filter and that I've been "whitelisted". But that didn't do anything to my site.

I changed my pinning strategy, pinning fresh pins daily for a month, but that didn't do anything.

Until I decided I'm wasting my time with Pinterest.

Instead of creating fresh pins daily, I should just create new content on my site. 

The spammers will just steal my pins (even though they're watermarked!) and use them to link to questionable sites, and even to affiliate links. I've reported their affiliate IDs on eBay and Amazon.

I stopped pinning new pins on Pinterest since end of October. 

The interesting thing is, my account is starting to come back. From 50 visits/day, I'm now up to 200 visits. I'm not sure how long this will last though.

Maybe it's time to take a break from Pinterest, if you've done everything you can. Come back a month or two later.

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