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What Pinners are searching for 🔎 (w.o 9/28)

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Happy Monday, PBC! Sharing out insights from last week. Give us a shout if you have any questions! 

Pinners continue to socially distance as a result of the pandemic. However, that hasn’t heaped coals on their shopping plans. Last week, we rounded up the trending searches across top purchase categories for this period. With so much time at home, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an uptick in searches for toys for all ages (178% increase in “plushies”; 123% increase in “game controller”), with an added focus on home upgrades (16x increase in “patio lights string ideas”; 13x increase in “best kitchen gadgets”) and outdoor adventures (6x increase in “camping essentials”; 5x increase in “road trip with kids”).

Pinners are making the most of their increased time at home (5x increase in “dream home gym”) and staying on top of the latest fall/winter fashion shopping trends (156% increase in “fall outfit inspo”). They’re also planning adventures that transport them from the backyard to the beach (5x increase in “beach bungalow”). As you plan your holiday campaigns on Pinterest, position these consumer insights as the central focus of your strategy, and meet your target audience right where they are.

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