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What Pinners are searching for this week (w.o 8/26)

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Hey PBC! Happy Friday 😎.

We're back with the latest Pinner trends and this week we’ve collected insights around the theme of Halloween. It's time to get spooky 👻. People on Pinterest are getting ready for Halloween and figuring out their costumes for this year. They’re also embracing the ethereal, fairy style as well as leaning into autumnal shades of burnt orange for just about everything. To learn more about these insights, check out the full trends report below.

Also, let us know in the comments which insights you found helpful this week!

Top stats

  • 165% increase in "spooky halloween wallpaper"
  • 105% increase in "spooky family photo shoot"
  • 80% increase in "spooky bathroom"
  • 170% increase in "family costumes for four"
  • 135% increase in "fairy core outfits"
  • 165% increase in "colors that go with burnt orange"

➡️ ➡️ To see the full trends report, go here!  ⬅️ ⬅️

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Thank you so much!!! 


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Pinterest Pioneer

@PinterestJoan As always thank you for sharing 🙏🏻

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Thank you @PinterestJoan ! It's hard to believe we're talking about Halloween already, I'm still dealing with a little sunburn from the beach.

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Thanks for sharing this!

Tori Tait
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