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Struggling to get my data source for Pin and product group approved (Shopify)

Hi all,

I've tried everything to get my data source approved from Shopify but I've got a new issue now in addition to an old one (see screenshot):

1. Merchant's domain age does not meet minimum requirement: I'm not sure what's the requirement here and what's the minimum number of months for a domain to get approved.

2. Merchant's products are always on sale: I honestly don't know what does this mean.

Can anyone please help me get my data source approved.

Thanks in advance.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @officialsplendidkitchen welcome to the PBC! Sorry to hear you are having issues with your data source. Sharing some additional insight regarding the domain age requirement issue. This requires merchants to have a Pinterest account older than three months.

For the other issue, I recommend you file a ticket with our team -- this link goes directly to the team equipped to resolve account-specific issues like these. I hope this helps! 

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