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Running ads in Australia

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Hey guys! I've been running ads in Australia for a home building course. We're doing lead gen with a small $17 offer on the thank you page. The ads are getting really great KPIs for the CPC and CPM but the lead costs are around $14-16 AU per lead. My client is thinking that interest ads aren't going to work for her after 8 months of trying.

She said she's getting way better lead costs with google and facebook ads.

When I advertise in the US the leads usually run between $3-5. 

I notice that I can only get the audience to 1.5-2 million using keywords and interests. I heard Australia has about 8-9 million users, but it seems I can't expand the audience in the home space.

Does anyone here have experience running ads in Australia? Wondering if the lead cost is normal or could be better?



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Hi glad you made it to the PBC!

This is definitely a question for Pinterest Ads Support.

While I do use Pinterest Ads I don't advertise in Australia so I can't speak directly to your question and I don't want to give you the wrong information.

I hope that Support will be able to assist you.



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Thanks, Lisa @bodymindmood! I will reach out to our rep.

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