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Pins getting zero to 1-digit impressions and cannot response to comments on my pins

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My account was performing really well last February but ever since March until today, the impressions for each pin I publish gets zero to 1 digit only. I've been trying to reach out to Pinterest customer support but got no luck from it. It's almost a month now and still got no response from them.

Also, I have noticed that I cannot respond to the comments on my pins. An error message keeps popping out that I have to remove the link on my response BUT I did not include any of that just as simple as the "I'm glad this helps!" message and still not pushing through.

Is there another way to resolve this issue or get in touch with Pinterest in other ways? I know that this cannot be resolved without them looking through the status of my account.

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I'm also having issues with very low impressions let alone saves or clicks. Maybe @PinterestGabby has some insight?

Gabby Pinkerton | Destination Wedding Planner for Adventurous Couples
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And I just found out today, I cannot schedule pins through the native Pinterest scheduler. Multiple issues that haven't been acknowledged by Pinterest customer support. To whom should I reach out now?

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