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I lost over 3.5 million views in 3 weeks!

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I’m a food blogger that had a reach of 6.5 million monthly impressions on Pinterest. 

On Thursday July 1, I received a notification that my account was suspended for (falsely) violating community guidelines. This was a mistake on their end. They apologized and rectified the situation, reinstating my account. 

However, when my account was reinstated, I 2,000 of my followers were missing. They also since rectified that glitch  

The problem is that since this whole suspension fiasco, my videos have been getting no views. I went from getting between 3K-5K views per video with tons of saves and repins, to now, my videos get 5, 10, 25 views, period -- (many of which are my own views, checking to see if the situation has been fixed.)

It's as though my videos are not being released to the Pinterest community/search timeline, and are being held back. (My content is food recipe videos, nothing that would violate any community guidelines).

Before the account suspension, I was getting 6.5 million monthly views, and climbing. NOW, in just the THREE WEEKS that this whole thing has been going on, I am down to 3.1 million monthly views, and falling rapidly. That is a loss of nearly 3.5 MILLION in just three weeks.

One other piece of insight that may be helpful, is that I am not receiving the "Video Processing, You will be notified once your content is live" message that pops up immediately after you post a video pin, nor a notification that my video is live. That "pause period" after uploading when it's not live, but showing it's processing, is no longer there, the video just gets added to the board, again - with no views. 

Ive been reaching out to support 3x a day since this happened and they say it’s a normal ebb and flow, and that it’s normal. NOT AT THE TUNE OF 3.5 MILLION!! 

Help please! I’ve worked so hard to build my Pinterest and I am HEMORRHAGING viewership. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!





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Currently in the same boats and it’s painful to watch, update on how your account is doing now ?

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Currently in the same boat! How’s your account doing now? @beautybeyondbones 

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