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Anyone else issue tagging own products?

Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hoping someone else has experience with this issue for themselves or a client ... 

We've always been able to tag our products using URL on mobile (for Idea Pins) and also on desktop. But now something is very off. We've been going back and forth with Pinterest Support for THREE months. Every new tech person dead ends and closes the ticket.  

I'm curious if anyone has by chance had this issue and knows how to solve it? I attached a long walk through with screen shots. 

We're an active advertiser and a Verified Merchant. We have over 500 products active in our catalog. AT A LOSS.

Yes, we've read all the help pages. We don't know why this started and no one seems to know how to correct.

@alisammeredith @simplemima   by chance one of you ladies have experienced this? 

@PinterestPeter @PinterestBrad @PinterestJazmin @PinterestGabby @PinterestSusana 



Tori Tait
Content Director & Pinterest Consultant

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Pinterest Pioneer

I haven't had this problem (sorry, not sorry 😉 ) . What happens when you try to tag someone else's products? The same thing? If not, it seems like it has to be an issue with the feed. 

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