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What is Pinterest doing about the huge loss of users platform-wide two quarters (Q2 & Q3) in a row?

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I've read several articles lately that Pinterest has had declining users in Q2 & Q3 in 2021. Q4 results are not public yet as far as I can tell. What is Pinterest doing about users being less interested in the platform as a whole after a big growth cycle? I've heard people say, "Well some users were trying out the platform during the pandemic and as restrictions eased, Pinterest saw less online usage." Some figures put Pinterest user losses at over 30 million. I'm not interested in the standard Pinterest response about "ebbs and flows". Seems like millions of people tried out the platform and decided they didn't like it. That can't be a good sign. I've also seen articles showing the rise of the Unpinterested browser extension (nearly 30K users) that prevents Pinterest images from being shown in Google search results.  Any idea what's going on here? Here are some articles: 


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