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I'm a Verified Merchant but Shop tab not displaying

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I received an email to confirm that I am now a verified merchant. (see screenshot)

My catalog is also approved and I have created 6 product groups. (see screenshot)

However, I do not see any Shop tab in my pinterest profile. I am also still seeing the "Join the Verified Merchant Program" under the Business Hub, despite already receiving the email that I am approved into the Verified Merchant Program. There should be a message there that I am already verified.

Is this some kind of Pinterest bug? I have also opened a ticket #11028844 which I hope can be escalated to the right team. 

@PinterestPeter @PinterestJoan @pinterestjaz @PinterestLucy

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Hi @kawaiitherapy ,

I've noticed that sometimes it takes longer for all the features to show. And we also now that Pinterest is currently working on new features for merchants, which can cause more glitches temporarily. You did the right thing by contacting support. Keep an eye on it, hopefully everything will be in place soon.

Tereza Toledo
Pinterest Specialist & Educator
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