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Everyone knows that pinterest has one of the best otions for profile cover photo, making it as a collage of a users board. You have seen it many times. I literally cant do that. Ive spent 8 hours using whole type of devices, android, ios, windows, mac. I tried it in app and in different browsers, I tried it for business and for personal profile as well. There is no such option for me. Simply I can only use picture from device.


W H Y?

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Hi @culesso - 

The default profile cover is a collage of your most recent pins, however, if you want to customize it will a curated collection of pins or something else all together, you'll have to create it in Canva or another editing program.  

I created a template you are welcome to use:

At this time, if you change your profile cover, you cannot switch back to the default cover.  However, you can still achieve that "look" with the Canva template above. 

Happy New Year!


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