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A strong belief that something will happen

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Hello everyone, and Pinterest (authority). I am here today to share my expectation with you all and Pinterest. As I said my expectation it's mean (a strong belief that something will happen) Nowadays the way motions/videos and visual content are getting famous and being interested widely so I am assuming not immediately but definitely, Pinterest will Pinned-up everyone in one reel since Facebook was the user-friendly interface and easy to use/connect with everyone now Facebook seems to be complicated and too much technical errors (Note: as I am an independent user so I don't have to watch my mouth to say something real fact or unspoken truth). Why I am telling all of this? only because I saw how Pinterest will help and take care of the Pinterest users, here is the real proof: I have a Pinterest account, and one day I have noticed that my account is suspended so I wrote an email to Pinterest by explaining my business with other documents, can you believe? I got a reply back from Pinterest regarding my account activation and then I was also surprised that my account was aligned with a professional profile and got a verified checkmark next to my profile name (after I complete/ consent terms/policy of enrollment). The good thing about Pinterest isn't ending here I have a few more information or features to tell. #1 Pinterest will ask/collect personal information as required as needed (basic information) to get connect with someone, which protects your privacy and personal data. #2 Pinterest allows you to get verified in a few simple steps which also prove that how Pinterest is concerned about your privacy, that's why they require basic/relevant information as it is needed to get/be verified. (Pinterest disclose what data their tag/code collecting from your site/host, not like other than who asks you to install pixel code without disclosing). #3 Pinterest boost your profile/id to get listed or optimized in google, bing, and yahoo if your profile setup as Pinterest policy/standard required then you will see/notice your profile/post/site information in search results where your site/post is unable to reach but Pinterest are there. So I recommend Pinterest to my friends and business circle. One another important thing i left to mention Pinterest also ask/request you to pay attention to your written skill (spelling, completing sentence) to clear your appearance (profile/id) and things (pin/description) you share. If I made any mistake (spelling/sentences) please consider me as a beginner. @alireaz Get the most from Idea Pins with these tips #PinterestIntroducing the Pinterest widget 

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