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Ways To Get Started On Pinterest & PBC

Pinterest Pioneer
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Hi Everyone 👋🏻

Easy Cool Tips & Tricks When Getting Your Creative On …. On Pinterest 📌& The PBC!

Okay, so I’m no Pinterest Master (Yet) but I have learned a thing or two about using Pinterest more specifically how to make some things on the PBC and Pinterest a little easier especially when your Application Agnostic (I love using different softwares with Pinterest) like me or your new to Pinterest and the PBC and your looking to jazz up your profile or your pins maybe you want to talk shop and participate in some great Pinterest Conversation. Here are some

Easy & Very Cool Tips & Tricks to get you started on Pinterest & the PBC.

Are you ready? Let’s Go 👇🏻

1. Create Ingredients | Supplies | Notes With Ease For Idea Pins:

I love love ❤️Idea Pins ….. but wait I don’t love Adding Details Ingredients | Supplies | Notes especially when I’m on my iPhone or Samsung and I am trying to create more information using the tiny built in keyboards. After not asking anyone for help and whole lot of trial and error I found a little work around that so far has proven to be easier and a little more tolerable when adding information to my Idea Pin.

Apple + Notes Or Android + Any Notes App

      • Open your notes app on your preferred device or preferred OS and create your Ingredients | Supplies | Notes for your Idea Pin no formatting necessary just spacing as you would like it to appear in one of the 3 categories
      • When you are ready to add the information to your Idea Pin (you have finished creating your outstanding videos) go back to your app where you created your information and copy the text your going to use for your idea pin
      • Return to your Idea Pin in the Pinterest App and Paste your text into your preferred category, from here you can format the text for example adding emojis | spacing | mentions and numbers et al.

2. Share Your Profile On The PBC:

A lot of people come to the PBC to learn and need help with something they are doing on Pinterest. In the spirit of helping fellow Pinner's I go and look at their profile and often cannot get to their Pinterest Business Profile Page because they don’t have a link set up. Remember this isn’t just for me or other Pinterest Pioneers but for anyone who is visiting the PBC and want to know more about you.

To Add Your Pinterest Profile Page To Your PBC Account 👇🏻

Log in to the PBC and create your profile or modify your profile if you have already set one up and want to add your Pinterest Business Profile Link
While creating your profile you will be able to insert the link from your Pinterest Business Profile (you can copy the link from your Pinterest Business Profile)
Once you have added the link remember to click save at the bottom and reload the page
Go back to your profile page on the PBC and click See Pinterest Profile, which should take you to your profile

3. Add Someone As A Friend On The PBC:

In a space like the PBC we often get down to the nitty gritty of how to's, what do you think's, A lot of amazing contributions. Through these amazing contributions from Pinner's everywhere we make friends or we like what someone has to say. Not unlike the Pinterest App | Platform you can Friend people here on the PBC and its a great way to share + a really great way to make people feel welcome on the PBC.

To Add Someone As A Friend On The PBC:

Login to the PBC
Go to a Pinner's Profile Page (someone you want to friend) then click on Friend on the right hand side of their Profile Page
👆🏻Yes its as easy as that!

4. How To Include Someone In A Chat | Post:

I completely get this, you have come into the PBC and you have clicked on a topic either in Product Support or one of the lounges and you love what your reading then you remember that you have a friend either business or personal who could really contribute to this post | thread here on the PBC. This is a pretty common situation in the PBC and the best way to keep the conversation going is to add someone to a post | thread.

To Include Someone In A Post | Thread Here On The PBC:

Login into the PBC
Go to the post your following or choose a new post
In your response or reply to a particular topic simply add the @ symbol + the Pinner's PBC Handle
Choose the Pinner you want to add from the drop down list ….. make sure you add the right person
Once your finished writing simply click the reply button
Your reply will be posted and the person that you added to the conversation will be notified that they were mentioned in a topic giving them an opportunity to participate in the post | thread

5. How To Add Your Website:

One of the most posted about topics is Claiming A Website On Pinterest here in the PBC. There have been events, videos, comments, and well just about anything you can think of posted in response to the question How Do I Claim My Website?  Below is my response on How To Claim Your Website…. Let’s Do This 👇🏻

Step 1. 

Head over to your Profile Page on Pinterest (consider using Desktop)












Step 2.

Click on Claimed Accounts located on the left hand side of the page. 
Click on Claim located across from Websites
👉🏻Fun Fact Pinterest now allows you to claim more than one website!

Claimed AccountsClaimed Accounts












Step 3. 

Choose how you want to Claim Your Website - Choose the option that is Easiest for you
👉🏻My preferred choice is Add An HTML Tag - I am a Squarespace user and adding this tag is my website is seamless
👉🏻You will need to understand and know how to access your website pages where you will insert the Pinterest Code - the best place to insert the Pinterest Code is on your Home Page and you only need to insert the code one time not on every page of your site
👉🏻Ensure you save your webpage (Home Page) and reload the page before telling Pinterest your ready to be verified
👉🏻Ensure your website is not set to Private or else Pinterest will not be able to verify your website - you can always set your website back to Private once you have been verified by Pinterest.

Options To Claim Your WebsiteOptions To Claim Your Website











Click To Copy The Pinterest CodeClick To Copy The Pinterest Code












Once you have reload your webpage head back to Pinterest and click to verify your site - Pinterest should be able to authenticate and verify your site quickly.

6. Pinterest Help Articles You Need to Know About:

While the PBC is amazing for learning and problem solving sometimes we have to go back to where it began and use Pinterest Help Articles. I know not everyone likes to use them but honestly there is some really great information to be learned there and when some of us here on the PBC don't have an answer to a particular question you will often find that Pinterest Help can resolve your questions quickly. There is a lot of need to know information in Pinterest Help consider these go to articles to find solutions to some of the most talked about questions👇🏻

Pinterest Help Articles I Love ❤️

Verified Merchant Guidelines

👆🏻Please read the guidelines - this article contains links to other articles and contains all the juicy information on becoming a Verified Merchant.

Creating Idea Pins

👆🏻If your new to Creating Idea Pins or want more specific information on Idea Pins, then look no further than this article - there are lots of links to other great articles about Idea Pins, how to's for Idea Pins & more.

Pinterest Catalogs

👆🏻If your looking to open a Shop on Pinterest then get all your need to knows from this article - you can save a lot of time by reading this article before beginning your Pinterest Shop Journey.

Bonus Tip:

You Need Peace & Quiet To Create:

I have a busy household and sometimes it seems like I am the go to person for EVERYTHING including getting text messages from my 13 year old asking where her black pants are, that said when I try to make a video for any social media I have to turn on the Do Not Disturb sign both on my device and in real life. Sometimes you just have to let people know nicely that you can’t be disturbed while you are in the process of creating an Idea Pin or creating FULL STOP. There is nothing worse then watching an Idea Pin or other video with a lot of background noise or watching the creator being constantly interrupted while they are talking. Create in a quiet space.

I really hope that some of these Tips & Tricks will help you on your Pinterest | PBC Journey. As Pinterest Pioneers we know that the journey is easier when we do it together.