Tips When Creating Boards On Pinterest 📌

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It doesn't matter what kind of Pinner you are there is nothing that says "I love Pinterest" louder than going to a Pinterest Business Profile on Pinterest and seeing amazing boards. 👀 



If you are looking to create boards that make Pinners stop, pin, follow, and take action then read on!

Shhhhhh...It's A Secret Board! 

When creating boards especially if you have a new Pinterest Business Account consider making the first board you create a secret board. There is truly nothing worse than finding an amazing pin and going to a business profile only to find personal pins, business pins, and everything in between. Pinterest loves when we share pins, but not all Pinners would agree that sharing EVERYTHING is a good idea, sharing that favorite car pin, mascara application pin, or messy bun pin are just a few of the examples of pins you may want to pin to your secret board instead of a public board. Secret Boards are an effective way to save what you love and not confuse potential customers, businesses, or other Pinners. 

Board Consistency Is Key

When creating new boards for your business, consider keeping your boards consistent and easy. Nothing is worse than wanting to follow a business and arriving on their business profile page only to find boards that aren't complete, inconsistent, and confusing. Consider creating boards that tell a story about your business or brand or both. Make it easy for them to make the connection with what your business is about and how it can help them. Many Pinners tend to downplay the importance of having great-looking boards but the truth is that Boards Are A Key Piece to your Pinterest Identity + Profile. Part of great board consistency is ensuring that your boards have great-looking pins and pins that make people want to stop, look and take action.

Is There A Magic Number Of Boards?

One question that gets the most Pinterest attention here on the PBC is "how many boards should I have on my profile?" The short answer is to create as many boards as you need to share information about your business and your brand. In my time on Pinterest, I have seen many pinners who create 100+ boards or more making their boards so overwhelming that it becomes impossible to follow them or their boards. Community members have often suggested that the more boards you have the better you will do on Pinterest for follows, likes, and saves. I have never been able to prove that theory. There is no magic number for the number of boards a pinner should create, for any pinner it is always down to the number of boards needed to tell their complete business story.

Final Thoughts...

Board Covers are a good idea but there is no 'standard' on Pinterest everyone does it differently, create board covers that are consistent with the board you are creating and most importantly your business + brand.

Embrace Creativity! Make your boards as unique as your brand, business, and you!

If you have more ideas and suggestions on Boards please share your comments below.

Happy Pinning 📌