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Are you an Etsy seller looking to promote your products on Pinterest to drive up traffic & sales? If so, this post is for you.

As an Etsy seller myself, selling digital products it’s important to start off on the right foot to ensure you see success.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

You want to start out by creating a business account and beginning your foundations correctly.

To sell on Pinterest you need a business account and this type will also allow you to see analytics.

First, you’ll start by creating a strong display name with a main keyword you’d like people to find you with in search.

Next, you’ll create a strong bio using a few keywords showcasing how you help people, who you help and in what way you help them.

Last, you’ll create boards that are targeting keywords of the products that you sell. Be sure you add a full description with keywords to help the platform understand who to show your boards and pins on that board to.

You can see all 3 examples in the image below.




Create Pins for Your Etsy Products

Once you have your profile established you can start the fun part of making pins for your products.

Many people ask how many pins they should create per day under the impression they need to be making dozens of them.

This is simply untrue and especially in the beginning I would encourage you to create fewer high quality pins each day to build your Pinterest skills.

Start by creating standard sized Pinterest pins for your products showcasing images of each.

Write a really strong text overlay to accompany your image.

Then you’ll want to write a strong pin title and pin description using keywords that will help pinners find your products.

Lastly, you’ll grab your product listing link and use that link when scheduling your Pinterest pin.

Here’s a short action item list:

  • Create a Pinterest pin using a strong text overlay
  • Write a strong pin title
  • Write a full pin description
  • Locate and apply your Etsy listing link to the pin
  • Pin it to the most appropriate board on your profile

Create Idea Pins for Your Etsy Products

You will also want to create idea pins for your Etsy shop. I would encourage you to create 1 idea pin per week.

To learn how to be consistent doing this read Jana’s post all about it. 

I would suggest creating a mix of idea pins to promote your store.

An example of this would be to create an idea pin about a problem pinners face that your product would fix.

For example, if you sell digital planners you could create an idea pin on how to use a digital planner in Goodnotes.

As you make the idea pin you can feature our own digital planner and offer it for sale as your call to action at the end.

Then you could go on to showcase the feature of your digital planner in an additional idea pin.

Remember to have fun with this!

Overwhelmed by Pinterest?

Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. We are here to help you right here in the PBC to get the best insights into how to properly market your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

Start slow and build your marketing skills on Pinterest.

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seeking someone qualified to get me started on this and everything else! I have had an etsy store since 2018, have tried to create my own website containing an online store....i cant physically accomplish due to arthritis . I also dont have tons of cash to pay someone to accomplish these requirements....BUT i do have ALOT of AMAZING vintage items i am offering to barter along with some cash. All i own to date is my gmail address and etsy store and i think i own a domain via Hover!? omg...i'm pretty certain! I also dont know what should be a general ballpark fee that people should be charging for such services and i sure dont want to get scammed!    looking forward to HELP & ADVICE!   peace & love, lola  Old Stuff Vintage Store