4 things to remember as a content creator

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Over the years, I’ve discovered four pillars I use as a foundation whenever I create content. I guess you can say these are a checklist; steps which can help you stay centered, focused and even bring out your creative side.

I’ll share these with you with the hope you will find success on Pinterest and enjoy your journey as a content creator.

  • Be yourself, this is first and most important! There are plenty of other people, but only one of you. Stay true to who you truly are, find new ways to introduce yourself though your content, bring out the best version of yourself and share that with the wide audience here on Pinterest. If you find yourself copying other creators pins, then step back for a while, recenter yourself and begin again. We want to see who your are, and not a duplicate of someone else’s content.
  • Express yourself. Tell your story though your content, let your voice ring through, show your personality, open yourself up and you will begin to build a loving, engaged and and interactive following. We need to hear your voice, so create in such a way the best of you is heard.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I wish I could say this a thousand times, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. It will happen and you’ll find some pins you may not be happy with. But that’s okay. When you have content ready to go, upload it immediately. Pinterest is a learn as you go platform; finding what works for you and what doesn’t comes about making mistakes and trying again.
  • Have fun! You need to have fun doing what you do best, and if creating content is a chore, or you feel your content needs to get ahead of the algorithm, step back for a while. Pinterest is all about inspiration and your community wants to see the best you, it’s totally understandable to take a break until you feel it’s the right time to continue.

I hope you’ll keep these pillars in mind and I certainly hope you will be successful, find inspiration, and inspire someone else in return.