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Product Release Roundup for Creators #6

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Product Release Roundup for Creators #6


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Hi Creators! Welcome back to our sixth installment of the Product Release Note Roundup.


If you missed the previous roundup, you can catch up on what we shared last month. We've got a LOT of updates to cover this month and we couldn't be more excited to share with our creator community.

If you're new here, the Creator Product Release Notes is a series in the PBC that covers creator-specific updates such as known issues, new features, fixes and more. The Product FAQ is your space on the PBC to stay informed and up-to-date with all things related to business and creator tools and products you use on Pinterest. With that, let’s get on with the good stuff! 

Please be sure to rate this article if it was helpful, or leave a comment below to share feedback if you need more information about a change or update. 🌟


Idea Pin Updates 

You asked, we listened! Our team has been hard at work building out a number of new features to make your Idea Pins even more inspiring and actionable. A number of these new features and updates including music and video splitting are based on feedback from creators like YOU!

  • Preview Mode - Creators can now preview Idea Pins before publishing! We encourage creators to use safe zones and preview mode to do a quick quality check before publishing (iOS, Android).
  • Video Splitting - You can now split long videos into multiple pages >60s (available on iOS).
  • Continuous Music - You can now add 1 song continuously across every page or select different songs for each page (available on iOS).
  • Idea Pin replies (mobile only) - Creators can reply to a comment on an Idea Pin with an Idea Pin. Check out this Help Center article for more information.
  • Shopping Recommendations (US) - You can choose to automatically enable shopping recommendations on your content to identify visually similar products.
  • New Android features - A number of new Android features have launched including multiple text creation, multiple drafts, stickers, and more.
  • Virtual Try On (US) - Creators will be able to tag their Idea Pins with lip products that Pinners can try on right from the Idea Pin. Check out our Help Center article to learn more.


Virtual Try on.png


Introducing Browse and Watch Tabs, a new home feed

We’re excited to share some updates to the home feed! The new home feed experience will have only two tabs – Browse and Watch. 

The Browse tab is an evolution of our existing “For You” feed, meanwhile the Watch tab is an immersive stream of Idea Pins. Here, Pinners can scroll through and engage with an infinite feed of new and relevant content. The new home feed will help creators grow their audience and engagement by providing another Idea Stream for their Idea Pins. Check out our new Help Center article on exploring your home feed.


Browse watch tab.png


New features for Takes 

Takes have been rolled out, and we’re adding some new features! Takes are a new way for a creator’s audience to engage with their content by simply replying to the original Pin with an Idea Pin of their own. And now, creators will be able to highlight their favorite takes! 

We’ve also added a series of new highly targeted notifications encouraging Pinners to create takes and drive creator-pinner engagement around takes. The notifications serve as reminders to create, highlight, and interact with takes. Some of the new notifications include letting a user know when a creator comments or reacts to their take and sending creators a reminder to highlight Idea Pins with 25+ takes. For more on how to edit your notification setting click here

To enable takes on your Idea Pins, navigate to your Advanced settings menu when putting the finishing touches on your Idea Pin.


Making improvements to the Search Landing Page

We’re introducing improvements to help make your content more discoverable! The Today tab will be moving to its new home on the Search landing page (“Today’s inspiration”), which will be overhauled to be a creator and native content discovery surface with new modules such as “Ideas from creators.” A new Profiles tab and topic-based user search makes it even easier to discover creators. Read more about how to discover ideas on Pinterest.


search landing page.png


Check out the creator hub

The creator hub is your one-stop-shop for the tools, tips, and insights to help you manage your presence on Pinterest. The hub lives on your profile, and showcases what’s most relevant and useful for creators Once you start creating Idea Pins with a business account, you may see the creator hub on your profile in the Pinterest app (mobile only). 


creator hub.png


Stickers for Android are here! 

We’ve launched Idea Pin stickers for Android! Stickers allow for you to add more personality and purpose to your Idea Pins.

We’ve also rolled out new additions to our sticker library for Idea Pins on iOS.  Some of the stickers included are for Diwali (India + ESC), Dia de los muertos (MX), World Mental Health Day (all), Black History Month (UK), and Latinx Heritage Month.




Amazon Associates Integration

As of October 20th, we’re expanding our product tagging tool to include the Amazon Associates Program, so creators can use affiliate links from Amazon to tag products and earn commissions on qualifying purchases. Check out our Help Center or take a look at our article in the Product FAQ to learn more about product tagging  and affiliate partnerships on Pinterest.


OMG soooo grateful for all of these changes particularly the Amazon Associates addition to product tagging and all the ways you're promoting creator content on the app and search layout. 


Refreshing my profile on the app furiously. 😂. But yes, the Amazon affiliate link addition is major. Thank you!


I have access to the Creator hub, but not the Earn tab. Is there a timeline or list of requirements available (other than 1k followers) yet? I'd love to hear more about this option!


SO excited about the Android updates! This is a game changer for creating on Pinterest! Thank YOU. 💕 Hopefully music will be coming soon.


@PinterestJazmin @PinterestGabby I think these Creator Features Updates are a great way to consolidate all the rapidly changing creator tools that are occurring on the platform right now. 

As usual, my approach to these tools is from a product seller's perspective that constantly struggles to find ways to 'fit' into the structure of highly engaged Idea Pins. 

Without a pain-point to solve, or a step-by-step process to share, coming up with content ideas can be super challenging. It's my hope any new Shopping Features updates will help bridge the gap with creators who sell physical products.

As Pinterest moves towards a more creator-focused platform rather than a search engine, I'm curious about how relevant keywords and standard pins will be in the near future with the rise of Idea Pins and engagement on the platform.

Are you a product seller? If you are, how are you using Idea Pins for your business? Comment below!

I would love to hear how you are leveraging the new Creators tools that have been rolled out this last year! 

To start the conversation, I'll share one of my Idea Pins for my jewelry business below -

Looking forward to seeing your responses! 🤓📌


I am so grateful for all of the amazing improvements and tools you continuously add!  LOVE!!!!!😍 


So excited for all of this! Especially the Amazon part, so many of us have long awaited this!


Yesss for the Amazon addition! So excited for all the changes! 


@isabelledias @awellnessspace @corriellington we love to see it!!! ❤️ @frostxsun thanks for the question! You can find info on Creator Rewards in our Help Center article. 🙂 

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