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Product Release Roundup for Creators #2

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Product Release Roundup for Creators #2


Hi everyone, excited to unveil the next release note roundup for our creator community. If you missed last month’s roundup, you can catch up on what we shared here. As a reminder for those who are new to our release notes, each month, we’ll share an article in our Product FAQ covering recent updates, known issues and more. The Product FAQ is your space to stay informed and up-to-date with everything related to tools and products you use to build an audience Pinterest. 

Please be sure to rate this article if it helped you, or leave a comment below to share feedback or if you need more information about a recent change or update. 🌟


Know what’s performing with fast Pin Stats

We know that creators rely on up to date, clear performance metrics to optimize their content strategy.  In response to this need, last year our team launched estimated metrics that update in near real-time on Idea Pin and Video Pin content for the first 7 days after publishing.  Last week (drumroll, please) we launched real-time metrics on all formats - static, Idea and Video Pins - and extended the availability of real-time data to the lifetime of a Pin for Idea and Video Pins. 

This is a huge improvement to the previous functionality, and should help you have a closer pulse on the performance of all of your individual pins.  Later this year, we will bring real-time metrics to Pinterest Analytics so you can have a deeper understanding of how your overall account is performing. Yup that’s right, you heard it here first! 😉 

As a reminder, real-time metrics are estimates and may change after publishing.  Learn more here.


Building a kinder Internet with the Creator Code & Comment Moderation 




ICYMI, we recently launched the Creator Code: our commitment to keeping Pinterest a safe and inspiring place to create. The Creator Code is a pledge that creators must accept when creating Idea Pins that follow our Community guidelines. For more information about the Creator Code, check out this article in our FAQ

As a part of this work and our commitment to creating a kinder internet, we also announced comment moderation features that are aimed at providing a safer experience for our Pinner and Creator communities.  As of this month, a few of these features are now available:

  • Creators can highlight up to three comments from their Pins’ comment feed on iOS and Android as a means to bring helpful or positive comments front and center for their audience to see. 
  • Pinners will now see reminders to keep Pinterest a positive space and adhere to our guidelines as they are composing comments on mobile.
  • New Spam Prevention Signals that use machine learning are in place to detect and remove bad comments to encourage a more positive experience.

In the coming months, look forward to more moderation tools such as keyword filtering as well as improvements to our detection signals so we aren’t hiding good comments along the way.


Organizing and acting on your ideas with Pin notes and board favorites 

In December 2020, we announced we were working to build new tools meant to make it even easier for you to plan on Pinterest.  As of last month, these features are now live on public, private, and group boards on Android, iOS and Web globally. 🌎




  • Notes to self allow you or your group board collaborators to leave private annotations on saved Pins, which should make it easier to come back and take action on these ideas later on. This feature replaces group board comments, but any group comments you had on saved Pins should be migrated to Pin notes.📌: Pin notes are only visible to you or group board collaborators.  
  • Board favorites allow you and your group board collaborators to mark top saved Pins as  favorites by tapping the star icon from closeup. You can also sort your boards by favorite Pins, which makes it easier to find your top ideas and take action.  This feature replaces group board reactions, and allows for public reactions on Idea and Video Pins to be seen from the group board view. 

To learn more, check out these articles from our Help Center on notes and favorites.

Customize your Idea Pins with new features 

We heard feedback about wanting more ways to customize your Idea Pin.  As of early April, you can now rotate, drag, AND scale text, video and images in the publishing flow on iOS.  Additionally, our team has made some improvements to the responsiveness of these elements to make for fast and easy edits.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!  

To learn more about Idea Pins, including all of our customization offerings, check out this article on our Help Center.  

🐛Bug fix: Video Pin upload issues resolved!

There was a known issue impacting Video Upload on Android app version 9.10.  This should now be resolved on the newest Android app version as of 04/12.  If you are encountering an error when creating Video Pins on your Android device, please try updating your app to remediate the problem.  Big kudos to all who brought this issue to our attention!  



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